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Meeting Mudd

It has been a while since i have come across civilization, i guess that must be a good thing. The last time i did, the only liquid i had seen was red. I shake my head to try to get rid of the gorey pictures from my head, but of course they would never completely disappear, no matter how many times i had done such a thing.

I don't hate humans, just their actions can stir a fire within me that can brim over like a volcano, unprepared for, and casualties are often too scarred to live long. I guess it is good that i've hid myself away in the only place i feel safe in, the forest.

Silent and green, it opens up my senses, strengthens them, i can blend in. I remain unseen at all times, and silent as this world of silent life, even though i can hear the minds of humans.

Vulgar filth often brims from the minds of bulky unwashed men, supposed warriers with worse minds than their enemies often stomp through my territory, i remain unseen, though listen in to their ramblings, nothing better to do.

My life is now a ghost, a shadow, of an unknown being. No feelings shown, just a permanent stern look that worries and even scares many.

Wait. There's someone there, in a clearing, searching. He isn't the tallest of men, but in his searching eyes i can see wisdom and knowledge. His eyes suddenly shift to my exact spot, a high place in a tree. Our eyes are locked, his accompanying a smirk of victory. 'Gotcha' his mind announces, i can tell he has been looking for me, but for some reason i cannot dig it out of his mind, like he wants to tell me himself. There is no point in hiding, and his stance and lack of lethal instruments or weapons means he means no harm, so i jump from the tree, to a spot 10 paces away, back facing the forest.

The situation, to any untrained eyes in the psychology of a demon and other stranger, would seem like a showdown far from its homeland. My eyes still stare into his, trying to read all i can, but in frustration of no extra knowledge gain, i give up for one of the first times in my life. His smirk is still held, my curiousity takes control of my lips. "What do you you seek?" i utter such words in a harsh monotone.
"Your assistance, Hotaru" he pauses for my response to his knowledge of my name, such things would normally be of my doing in a similar circumstance, scare the victim before ending it.

"Name the service you desire, i see you have traveled far for my assistance alone, may i guess?" This time i am the one to smirk, tables turn like wheels when an opportunity is given, especially when a role in conversation is my responsibility.
"There is a book that writes our past, present, even future, but such things can be re-written." He takes two steps forward, i tense, though do not show to my now opponent in a battle of words, i must prepare for whatever may come at the end of this.

"This book i speak of has gone missing due to circumstances that there is no use me telling you. Before the book vanished, something was written inside that has sparked its unwriting. Lady Ink and i are searching for it, but the job i need you to do requires the knowledge and intelligence i know you have". This man, he seems to require a job that even i have not been required for before.

" I require you to find reason in the happenings and beings in the stories that are unwinding and that now seem to have no direction at all."

There is a long pause as i try to wonder what actual jobs i would have to do to furfill such a task. " You'll understand what to do as you go,either by asking or finding out information you require by other means, but do remember, the more blood that is spilt makes your job harder. I believe you will not fail." He stares at me, i can see the hope in his eyes that i would accept.

"I will do as you require". There is nothing else that i can do other than snoop into business that is of no use to me anyway, and i should at least pay back something for the lives i have ended in the past. The Man sighs in relief, and then looks up at me again. " Before you leave to do this job, i need to give you a gift" he takes two steps closer to me again, i yet again try and fail to try and gather any information on why he is getting closer. Gift? Giving such a thing to a creature like me is not of the ordinary, which also took my suspicion to another level. Yet again i am on high alert. Tables yet again turn, but not in my favour.

" I see you have your prized possesion on your back" he refers to the long black box firmly attached to my back, he knows almost everything i am an expert at  hiding. The item within the black box is something i would die to keep safe, and yet if i died it would die along with me. "What has it got to do with this 'gift'?" I try to act bold and unscathed by how this man was making me feel insecure.

" To help you along with doing the job i require you do do effectively, I must bond the gift i am about to give to the item within that box you guard so fearlessly. The gift i am to give is a 'summon' function that will help you have all necessary tools at your fingertips, which i have learned helps you operate extremely well. I must bond this function with that item in order for it to work, you need to trust me" Of all the things he just says, the last five words knock me back a fair distance in my mind. Since the death of my only love, that is one thing i haven't even bothered trying in a long while. But from what i had heard from this mystery man, if i didn't trust him there would be even more deaths than i had ever dreamed of commiting, and i didn't want to be responisble for that anymore.

I sigh, gathering any trust i can find in my body, and drift towards the man that is making me change after hundreds of years of living for myself.

I kneel in front of the man placing the box in front of him, opening the clasp to reveal an instrument different to any other in the world. A violin that looks like it had survived the worst with nothing more than what looked like scars which somehow adds to its beauty.

I look up at the man, i don't know what to expect, and i am ready to close the box and take it to safety at ay moment. He crouches over the violin, still in its box, and what looks like a milky blue gemstone that just fits into his small palms appears. Under his breath he recites and utters a spell which creates a supernatural spotlight around the box, the man and i. There is no other noise than the breathy whisper of the man, who continues through the blinding light, and then quickly ends the spell, the bright light fades.

He stands, gazing down at the seemingly unaffected violin in happiness that he has completed the spell without error and turns to leave. Due to my lack of social skills, i am left to wonder what on earth to say as he slowly walks away. As i am left staring at his back, he turns back to say something. " I apologise for not saying this before, and i know this won't fit the situation at all, but hello, i am Mudd, and thank you for accepting a job that i hoped with all my heart that you'd accept". He turns and leaves in the same silent fashion that he had walked into my life.

I am left to pack away my violin when i realise, in order to find find reason for the stories, i need to be within the book. I then gaze towards my violin. I must summon the book. I take the violin from the case and ready the bow. Using my logic and what i had seen from other spell casters, i speak into the clearing where i stand alone. "I summon the book. The book of stories that reason must be found for." I lift the violin to my chin and play a tune my heart tells me to play. As I do, an object soars from the forest to where i stand, and as it nears, i see the shape of the object i have summoned. With pages open, yet again an aura of light shrouds me, my black box and my violin and i am taken to a place where i thought i would never set foot in my life.
This is a now finished part of a story that is for an audition for the OCT contest, my OC is my main one called Hotaru Fukushuu. I though present tense would be fun to have a try within the 'meeting of a main character' part, and i've written this straight in due to my weird way of writing of the top of my head (plans, scrap them and eat them for dinner >:) ) I don't know what else to say...
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