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contest entry character ref by Ted-The-Fish contest entry character ref by Ted-The-Fish
This is my oc for the OCT contest and below is my info stuffs, which i hope i don't confuse you with too much

Hotaru Fukushuu

Physical Description:
Tallish, long blond hair, bright green eyes, lightly tanned skin, strappy beige shirt overlapped by long billowy grass stain green trousers, beige jika tabi boots tied on with bandages, long black box on back.

Unknown when she was born (a long time ago) her parents did business with dark ninja which often included the slaughterings of many dark ninja. She was looked after in the day away from home and murdered all of the carers and children due to her being bullied by them and ill-treated. Her parents were then slaughtered by dark ninja getting revenge and she went on a long winded killing spree through many forests. Once she had calmed down (this too a few hundred years at the least) she was helped into the normal world of humans by dark ninja that were happy that she didn't kill them. Once leading an ordinary life she came across a boy that she fell in love with, and he was killed by more dark ninja getting revenge. She had already mastered all 18 jutsu (techniques associated with ninjutsu) while on her long killing spree but went to a ninja school to get away again but it is unknown what happened there (that's a story im currently writing) She is now living out of sight in the forests.

Monotone, seemly uncaring but really does care inside but cannot show such feelings in fear that they will be used against her. All things she says are wise and true.

Mind reading (which can give bad headaches and even knock her out when used to excess), elite ninja, she is a demon (can live a long time but can still be killed, also when really angry large fiery wings sprout from her back, making her faster in the mind and body and her senses stronger), very good violinist. Also when she gets really angry, large fiery wings emerge from her back, and her eyes turn a fiery colour (if you look in my gallery there is a picture of her like this, it is one of my first deviations).

Gift given: 'summon' function bonded with violin (in black box)
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May 17, 2011
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